Damage Control

Looks like KG is afraid that Rajon whats his name might spill the beans. This is classic stuff sports fans.

I would have loved for this to happen before KG came to town. Pierce would be running away from the media refusing to talk to them. Raef Lafrentz would be hiding his head under a towel with ear phones on. Oh wait that stuff already happened. It is classic.

Notice no comments from Pierce. He is running and hiding like the little girl he is. He can’t really come out and say much since it will make him look like the fraud he is when things finally do come out but then again we can always blame Rasheed Wallace.

Danny Ainge’s code of conduct BS still makes me want to smack him because as much as he lied (and still lies) to the fans and the media bandwagon nation still buys the crap he makes up. How stupid are you Celtics fans.

LMAO at selfish Pierce wanting to be in the 3 point shooting contest. Don’t rest your bad ankle and bad knee to help the team Pierce. Be selfish and predict you will win the 3 point shooting contest> What a joke this idiot is.

15 days until spring training! Enjoy your time bandwagon nation because the red sox truck takes off for Florida in 9 days…



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