Paul Pierce’s hidden agenda and selfish self.

ESPN Article

Excuse me while I laugh. YOU ARE KIDDING ME? They don’t get along? SHOCKING! Didn’t I say that 2 years ago? Oh yes I did. I told you Paul Pierce only cares about Paul Pierce. This isn’t knew. Remember when Antoine Walker got 2 seconds of credit during the 2002 Playoffs for his speech. I told you then Pierce held a grudge. He was bitter that for once he wasn’t the one getting all the credit and that feelings lingered. Why else do you think Pierce wanted Walker traded for Rafe Lafrentz?

Then when they won the title I told you once AGAIN that KG and Allen didn’t like Pierce especially Garnett so much that they didn’t show up for several of his charity events.

Danny Ainge lied through his teeth in this article when he said…

“The year that we won the championship was very special and very unique. With the great teams I’ve had a chance to play on I’ve never seen a team that was more focused and had better chemistry on and off the court. There was no agendas

What a load of BS. This team did not get along like he said. It was noted in the papers that Garnett and Allen weren’t at Pierce’s big charity event. Fact is until they were handed the title they rarely hung out.Danny Ainge doesn’t even make any sense when he says

what Rondo was saying, it’s just the attitude and is that a priority for each player to win a championship. That’s what I think he is referring to.

Don’t worry the Celtics will never tell you the truth. Danny Ainge doesn’t know what the word means and even though we all know Pierce is the one with the agenda there is no way he will ever be called out on it. They will blame Rasheed Wallace.

Funny how Rondo is the one that came out with this to the media considering he had been playing for a contract extension all of last year refusing to listen to anyone during the playoffs against Orlando. It was talked about a lot how he wasn’t listening to Doc Rivers and not only did they reward him for being a self absorbed twit they babied him.

Look around. The majority of Celtics fans now believe this is Rondo’s team. Read their one and only message “bandwagon fan” board. Pierce is no longer the favorite player and he can’t handle it. Rondo making the all star team pushed him over the edge. The only thing that would have made this better is if Pierce had been knocked out of the all star game in favor of Rondo. I have been waiting for that to happen and it’s to bad it didn’t. If Pierce is this much of a baby because he has to share imagine what we would FINALLY be hearing if the other situation had happened.

The fact is that even the year they were given the title this team couldn’t handle losing even one game. Ray Allan was fighting with someone on the court after they lost a few games in a row. Pierce was also fighting with guys in the locker room.


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