Grumpy old green men beat by Kobe or Rasheed Wallace for 33333333 You pick the title:)

Blame your stars. If it wasn’t for Tony Allen you never would have been in this game.

The Celtics lost a heart breaker (not to the Lakers today and all the bandwagon jumpers that can’t find the time or money to sit through a game against the Clippers were all in their seats to see the Celtics lose. Add that to Sasha Cohen’s melt down at Nationals and January has been the best month eva! (damn bruins and Patriots)

The ship has sunk. The fork is in KG’s knee and the bandwagon-nation is already to jump ship. Yep that is what Celtic-Nation has become. A bunch of whiny fans claiming they are done with this team all because they got older then dirt right before their eyes.

With fans like this who needs enemies?

OMG people it’s freaking January. You still have February, March and part of April to play the season. Way to support your team jumping ship now (For reference that is 3 jumping ship references so far)

I hope the Celtics are done for good. I hope KG has a broken knee and he can never play again but I hate the Celtics. 7 years later and I am as pissed as I ever was but you so called fans have no excuse. Support your team or become Mavericks fans. You are supposed to be better then this. Oh who am I kidding their wasn’t a real Celtic fan in the Fleetcenter today (FLEETCENTER NOT GARDEN)

You better shape up Celtics fans. You are 19 days away from Spring Training where no one is going to care what you do. Welcome back to reality. AKA as 4th place in Boston sports fans hearts way behind the Red Sox and Patriots and slightly behind the Bruins.

Rasheed Wallace for 33333333333333333333


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