cnnsi has no clout anymore plus US beats Canada in hockey

Here is the article about the US juniors beating Canada. Maybe we should send them to the Olympics. They might have a better chance.

Now back to cnnsi.

Randy Johnson has retired. He’s a hall of famer, strike out king , yada yada yada and I might care if he never went to the Yankees but he is also a World Champion / World Series M.V.P with the Arizona Diamondbacks and most well known for being a Seattle Mariner so why in hell is using a picture of him in a Yankee uniform?

He was with the Yankees for one year and it ended badly but because cnnsi and ESPN are so far up the Yankee’s ass it isn’t even funny they use a picture of him as a Yankee?

What the hell were they thinking?

This is just more proof that the major sports networks in the US are for sale. I would be surprised to hear that junior sent them a check say 5 hours ago.

Randy was a great pitcher. One of the best lefties that ever played but he wasn’t either of those when he was a Yankee so using a picture of him in that uniform is just bad journalism.


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