Celtics team has gone yellow

Scared, Chicken : as in to scared to play the game they get millions to play without KG in the line up. Rumor has it KG was going to sit weeks ago right about that time Pierce developed a bad knee. Now Rondo has gone soft and can’t play either.

What a bunch of wimps this team is made of. KG is old and falling a part so he gets a small pass but Pierce faking an injury to avoid playing without KG and then Rondo pulling a Manny Rameriz and having a hurt hamstring now he can’t play either is down right pathetic? I guess Rondo doesn’t care because he just recently got paid also.

I would like to give Ray Allen credit for playing right now but he is in a contract year so he has no choice but to play through whatever injury he would have made up to sit next to Pierce, KG and Rondo on the bench.

What a joke.


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