Top ten Red Sox of the decade

Here is how you can rank them and look at the results

Johnny Damon being on this list is a joke. He played here two years and didn’t show up in the 2004 ALCS until game 7. He was something like 3 for 34 before that and he is ahead of Wakefield, D-lowe and Trot Nixon according to the people voting?

The Yankee fans must be bored voting 400 times in this poll.

Damon was a flash in the pan and he doesn’t even to be on the list.

Here are the rankings after I voted. Wakefield being so low just proves that the real Red Sox fans didn’t vote in this poll.

Ortiz and Manny one and two? No argument.

Pedro and Schilling 3 and 4? No argument

Beckett and Tek 5 and 6? I can argue this. Tek maybe but Beckett has shown up one year and that was 07.

Youkilis and Papelbon ? Maybe but I think people forget just how amazing Foulke was in 04. We don’t win without him. He was more important then Johnny Damon could ever be.

Wakefield is a few games away from having the most wins from the Sox. Lowe was here for years and people forget his amazing 20 win season and his years as the closer and there is NO justification for either of these guys being behind Johhny Damon.

How the hell is Youkilis ahead of Pedroia?

Who the hell voted in this travesty of a poll?

Rank: Top 10 Red Sox of the decade

* (#1 Votes)Points 1 David Ortiz (415) 13,099
* 2 Manny Ramirez (196) 12,057
* 3 Pedro Martinez (172) 11,566
* 4 Curt Schilling (64) 10,216
* 5 Josh Beckett (24) 9,135
* 6 Jason Varitek (31) 9,047
* 7 Kevin Youkilis (7) 7,365
* 8 Jonathan Papelbon (12) 7,276
* 9 Dustin Pedroia (7) 6,836
* 10 Johnny Damon (6) 5,781
* 11 Tim Wakefield (17) 5,734
* 12 Nomar Garciaparra (4) 4,183
* 13 Derek Lowe (1) 3,657
* 14 Trot Nixon (5) 2,698
* 15 Keith Foulke (1) 2,570

Oh and here is how ESPN voted. Man I can’t wait for the joke of list coming out Top ten Celtics of the decade. Ten to one bet they add Brian

9- Papelbon
8- Damon BULL SHIT
7- Youk
5- Schilling
3- Pedro
1- Papi

Oh PLEASE justify Damon over Papelbon. Oh please even

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