The Colts quit and their fans are mad

The Colts could have easily won this game if they had bothered to show up. It was obvious that not a single player on that team cared at all about this game and while I don’t have a problem with resting your starter’s in a game that doesn’t matter I can see why the paying fans were mad.

On a day where Peyton’s brother Eli was getting murdered in a laughable manor Peyton was just ordinary. (well ordinary for Peyton anyway) Even when he was in the game the Colts were only winning by a few points.

If the Colts win the whole thing no one will remember them resting their starters half way through the game but if Bill Belichick of old shows up and start’s getting revenge on team’s that beat him in the season by beating them in the playoffs (if we get that far) then it just might be a long cold winter in Indianapolis.


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