The whiny world of being a Celtic fan

LMAO is Bill Simmons officially the biggest idiot Celtic fan of all time?

You might have to be signed into twitter to see these comments but here is the link If so here is what he say’s

Bill Kennedy just tossed Rasheed Wallace. Google “Bill Kennedy” and “Celtics.” Put it this way: Donaghy has Philly tonight.

Oh and if you need an unbiased article to prove Bill Simmons is the biggest homer since Spike Lee at a Yankees game read this article shutting Bill Simmons up

Rasheed Wallace is known for being an jackass. He is always running his mouth at the refs. He deserves every technical foul he gets and he deserved the two he got last night.

The Celtics lost ONE GAME and Bill Simmons is whining about the refs. Of course ignoring all the preferential treatment KG, Allan and especially Paul Pierce get in every damn game they play in. Pierce gets to the line for coughing in 99% of the games he plays in and I never hear Simmons whining about the free calls he gets. Of course that benefits the Celtics so he shuts up about that.

I don’t think this asshole realizes just how stupid he sounds when he complains EVERY TIME the Celtics lose.


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