Pierce compares himself to Kobe again. No this is not a joke.

This guy sounds like a bigger idiot every time he opens his mouth.


“It probably wouldn’t even look right, me in another uniform at this point,’’ Pierce said …..“It’s probably like seeing Kobe [Bryant] in another uniform or Tim Duncan in another uniform. It probably wouldn’t look right.’’

ONE MVP of a Finals fixed for your team doesn’t make you a 4 and 5 time Champion so stop comparing yourself to Kobe and Duncan.

M.V.P’S who led their teams practically alone to NBA finals wins. When Pierce had no help his team lost 18 in a row.

Duncan had an old David Robinson and Kobe has an overrated Gasol. Duncan got a lot of help in his last title by Parker but his other titles were pretty much all him.

His arrogance makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. He is an idiot. A stupid retarded idiot.


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