I don’t like Mike Lowell

I never wanted him back especially not at the price he got for a contract but right now I am annoyed little Sox fan on the day before my virtual waiting room hell is about to happen.

The last contract Mike Lowell signed was only due to the fact that NY decided to keep a-fraud. Lowell wanted to be a Yankee and I never forgot it and I never forgave it. We were his second choice. Well now we are about to trade him to Texas which I am not against per say but it makes NO SENSE to pay him to play for someone else.

9 MILLION DOLLARS is why I am paying an extra 7 bucks for seats tomorrow. This is not the first mistake Theo has made. We paid Julio Lugo to play for St Louis. We played Edgar Renteria to play for another team and each time I ended up paying more to sit in the back row of the grandstand. It’s annoying and I am not rich by any means. The red sox are my night at the movies with friends. Dinner with anyone. During the season I don’t do a lot to afford the 15 games a year I like to go to.

At this point I would rather keep Mike Lowell or trade his entire contract. It just makes NO SENSE AT ALL to pay Texas to take a player that is still capable of playing in this league. Even if he runs slower then my 1 year old nephew learning to walk.


Dear Red Soc . com STOP with the Peyton Manning commercials before your videos.

Peter Gammons, Have fun at the baseball network. ESPN now officially 100% sucks because the only class act they had left is now gone.


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