Yankees buy title and NO ONE CARES

The Boston media gets dumber and dumber every year. They are bragging about the Yankees winning. I would be boycotting the Herald and Globe if I already didn’t already NOT buy their tabloid garbage of a newspaper.

So my friends husband is a Yankee fan and of course he came in today bragging like he actually contributed to them winning. So he ran his mouth for a few minutes and I told him they bought the world series.

He started to argue with me about how they didn’t buy the title. I pointed out the half a billion dollar pay roll on 3 players. (He said they didn’t do much to help the team win) I of course said it was a 3 man rotation and two of the guys they bought were in it and the third guy was just re-signed and bought this year (Andy “admitted cheater” Pettite)

I then pointed out how the Yankees are the only team in MLB with a player having a 100 million dollar contract contract (they actually have 4 players over that amount) Then there was the Yankees adding an extra 20 million to get CC Sabathia when they weren’t bidding against anyone else.

After he listened to me for a few minutes totally shut him up he changed his tune and told me that every team buy’s their titles. I felt like saying so which is it? He he buy it or not (he gave me both opinions) but I didn’t.

I just love shutting up men on sports.lol I read a lot and I remember useless information.lol


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