Top ten things I want for next year

1- Make Bard the closer. Groom him. I don’t care what you do but make number 2 happen

2- Trade Papelbon. He is overrated. He isn’t worth the 15 plus million he thinks he deserves. The time to trade him is now so we can get some damn hitting. He did not give the effort this year he has in the past because he is more concerned about saving his arm for his big payday then earning the current 6 million he is getting paid.

3- Goodbye Jason Bay. This isn’t little league. Learn your job. Thanks for showing up the first half of the season but we will save the 15 million the Yankees will pay you and spend it on real hitting’

4- Re-sign Victor Martinez. The kid has tried to do his job but he got no help

5- Send Ramirez and Saito to play in Syberia. They have no place in MLB baseball

6- I love you David Ortiz. I love you to death. I will always love you, defend you and be the first person signing the petition to have your number retired but I think you are done.

7- HITTING! Actual clutch hitting besides JD Drew.

8-Let Jed Lowrie be the SS. If you can sign Alez Gonzalez for very little money and let them platoon so be it but we need this kid to get healthy.


10- A new bull pen. Bye Delcarmen, Wagner Saito and Rameriz. Get us someone to help Okajima.


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