Sox suck in game 1

I came to my blog to write a OMG we lost to a no name loser post but I couldn’t even write it. I tried. I mean John Lackey? we lost to John Lackey? Who the hell is John Lackey. NEVER in the CY Young award tally (that I can remember) Just another no name number one starter starting number one because the rest of the team isn’t any better right? Well that might be right any other time of the year but it wasn’t right last night.

John Lackey was amazing and he out shined John Lester who also had a great game. Just not a great enough game.

No other team has a tough time winning close games like the Sox. As soon as I saw it was a pitching dual I knew we would lose. Our bats suck and they have since 07. The difference between now and 07 is other teams got better and we didn’t. Bay is great but he isn’t Manny on steroids. I love Victor Martinez but he isn’t A-Rod.

Just face the facts people the Yankees are going to win it all. Their 200 billion dollar Jaunary may have overrated pitching and the biggest choke job in history but it just can’t be beat this year and the easy route they will have to the World series vs the Twins and Angels just borders ridiculous. Has anyone ever had an easier route to October (or November this year)?

An apology to John Lackey for all the name calling but you know.

Info to myself. You should have known this would end badly when you won the right to buy ALCS tickets. Then your sister won the right also and you had games 4 and 5.

It was never gonna happen.

(Still love my sucky Sox)

The end….


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