Yes I am a hypocrite

Know all that complaining I did about not wanting to go to the Red Sox game? Well not only did I go but I went the next night also. That’s right I complained and then supported them Aww the life of Red Sox Nation.

The first night sucked especially because of the rain that forced them to cancel a game where it was NOT RAINING! It was raining for about 20 minutes then drizzled another ten and then it stopped raining and they cancelled the game anyway. It didn’t start raining for another hour.

As soon as we had two guys on base (Second and Third) and got an RBI the rain came down. It was like the people in charge above didn’t want us to win and were going to make sure we didn’t.

The second game sucked even more because after coming up with 6 runs Francona leaves Casey Kotchmen in to hit instead of bringing in a pinch hitter (hello Mike Lowell!!!!!!!!) but the next inning he takes out Alex Gonzlez and uses a kid to pinch hit (Josh Reddick) I get the whole righty vs lefty thing but Kotchman had done nothing all night.

What the hell is up with Toronto anyway? Their closer acted like he won the world series after striking out Kevin Youkilis (on a low inside pitch that was not a strike) in the ninth last night? Last time I checked the Red Sox players didn’t scream got it ala A-Fraud so I am not sure why they are so happy they beat us. For years they have owned us. The one year we beat them they go all Yankee on us and act like it makes a difference just because they won a game. Made no sense to me. They lie down and die for NY but us they play like the last game of a World

Let me tell you the talk of the game on my way out of Fenway centered on David Ortiz walking to first instead of running. The second baseman bobbled the ball and Ortiz would have been safe at first if he had just run. Everyone was complaining about that on my way out of Fenway. I am not one to criticize Ortiz usually but that was pathetic and it probably cost us that game. We would have had guys on first and third with one out instead of a guy on third with two outs.

I have no hope for this post season. The Sox are injured and tired and now even Ortiz isn’t giving an effort. Doesn’t bode well for us in a week. To top that off the only other team I like (Detroit) is about to blow the division to Minny and that pretty much gives the Yankees a free pass to the ALCS.

Thanks Angels for helping us win the Wild Card. Apparently we could not do it on our own. Anyone else get the impression the Angels want to play us? They have revenge on their minds.

See you in October….

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