LMAO at how pathetic the KC Royals and their “fans” are.

This was a laugh fest and I am not talking about any of the games. I am talking about all the whiny so called fans of the KC Royals that only show up for Red Sox and Yankee games that act like complete idiots at games.

You won the first two games and actually thought you were worth something.lol Must suck to get your hopes up like that and die a slow death.

Zack Grienke is a joke. During this video you can clearly hear him taunting the umpires. That is so un-professional. Is he 6 or an adult MLB player?

Then you have the idiot KC fans that only showed up at the game so they could act like retarded idiots during this video. I know every team has fans that act like this but real fans getting heated is one thing. Watching some College age loser expected to run this Country in a few years scream things at the umpires (you f…ing suck)and players on the field is pathetic. The announcers are not any better. They make excuses for the way the KC Royals acted during this game.

Here is an Ortiz homerun. Watch the guy in the blue shirt right where the ball lands. I might actually believe this was genuine if I didn’t see the empty stadium on multiple occasions in KC. I doubt this guy ever went to a game wearing a baby blue KC shirt if the Sox or Yankees weren’t playing.

Oh and just because I can here is the obligatory idiot New Yorker posing as a Yankee fan celebrating the homerun by Papi. LMAO why does a Yankee fan show up at a Red Sox / KC game wearing a Yankee shirt? Reminds me of this fat slob that sat in front of me the other night at my Sox game wearing his Yankee hat cheering for Angels. He left in the 6th inning. Loser

Here is another video. That pitch was very close to Lowell’s head. I don’t care if the pitcher sucks and can only throw 60 miles an hour. You almost hit someone in the head twice. If it wasn’t for SLowell moving out of the way you would have hit him IN THE HEAD. After what the umpires went through being attacked by the childish KC fans and players I don’t blame them for acting that way. I hate the Yankees but you would never see their players acting like this. The Red Sox don’t do it either (Youkilis aside and this was after he was hit for the 13th time)


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