DO NOT vote for Steve Pagliuca


Steve Pagliuca one of the co-owners of the Boston Celtics is trying to buy the Congress seat left vacant by the late Edward M. Kennedy.

Do Massachusetts a favor and do not vote for this two faced liar.

I have been following this man since he came to town. Where he has lied, cheated and allowed his GM to make things up and be printed in the Boston Heralds and Boston Globe’s with no regard to the truth.

Remember when he and co-owner went to Vin Baker’s house in the middle of the night and forced him to sign a paper giving up his rights to being an NBA basketball player? It was against the rules of the NBA which is why this paper was later voided. Steve Pagliuca and Wyc Grousbeck went to Vin Baker’s house without him having a lawyer present and they tried to emotionally black mail a man who is an alcoholic into signing away his right to play the sport and his money.

He allow’s his Head of basketball operations (Danny Ainge) to blatantly lie to the media without any regard to the facts or the truth. He condoned this behavior.

This man is out to buy your vote. He hasn’t worked a day in his life and he is a rich dictator used to getting what he wants because he has some money.

He bought the Celtics without any regard to the fans of Massachusetts. He tried to buy the Boston Globe and now he is trying to buy your vote. Please do not vote this liar into office. The last thing the state of Massachusetts needs is another rich wanna be buying a seat to the Senate.

Here is more proof of what a liar he is. In this interview he says he bought the Celtics as a labor of money and wasn’t in it to make money yet the Celtics have some of the highest seat prices in the NBA and they raise these ticket prices every year including a year where they lost 18 games in a row. The last two years they also refused to get any bench help because it would have brought their team into the luxary tax and they didn’t want to pay that (For those not familiar with the NBA the luxary tax is something a team has to pay if they are over the cap. They have to pay dollar for dollar to the league as a sort of penalty. Meaning if you are ten million over the cap you have to pay the NBA ten million)

Wanna read about the company Pagliuca helped found then go here where you can find out he doesn’t give a damn about keeping jobs in America. He has multiple deals with the Chinese. ANY job that goes out of the US is why we are in debt right now

Steve Pagliuca also doesn’t care if the players on his NBA team throw gang signals at kids on apposing teams like Paul Pierce did two years ago. The Celtics were being out played by a kid on the Atlanta Hawks and Paul Pierce showed a gang sign to scare the kid. Steve Pagliuca supported him and made excuses for what his employee did. So much for caring about our youth.

Steve Pagliuca also doesn’t care if his NBA players are committing crimes like Tony Allen. As long as they play basketball well enough he doesn’t care if his employee’s tell people to shoot other people which is what Tony Allen allegedly did in 2007. Allen might have been found not guilty but his record of getting in trouble should not be supported by someone running our state.

Do not let this um-American dictator buy a seat in the house. SAVE MASSACHUSETTS


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