“Winning playoff rounds is not good enough”

Do you remember when Danny Ainge said that? Were you even a fan back then?

Well you got what you wanted. You wanted the 2002-2003 team gone. Said it wasn’t good enough. You then trusted Ainge to bring you a title and the exact team he put on the floor just lost in the second round.

“winning playoffs rounds isn’t good enough”

Sorry but Kevin Garnett is in Boston because Kevin McHale is inept at his job. He gave up better deals to help out his friend and that is why the Celtics won a title last year. PERIOD The team Ainge put on the floor just got its ass kicked by the Orlando Magic. Not that any of you have the guts to come out and admit that Ainge is a fraud. All the proof I need is what happened in the last 2 playoff series. Enjoy your denial.

It may sound like I am gloating but I am not. If I was gloating this opinion would be so much longer.

So for all those so called “Celtic fans for life” that predicted this series was over before game 7 started (you know who you are)your bandwagon has left the station. You better go catch it.


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