Danny Ainge throws Kevin Garnett under the bus. Then drives over him.

A few days ago Danny Ainge makes a statement to the media that it will be up to Kevin Garnett if he plays in the NBA playoffs this year. A “Knee” injury is the problem so says the evil green team. No biggie says the bandwagon “faithfull” KG will play. He’s a baller. He acts like an idiot on the court or smacks around his rookie players because he is a competitor. A leader. Not because he is an asshole.

Well fast forward to today. Doc Rivers goes on WEEI (The radio here in Beantown) and says “Kevin Garnett looked bad in practice and won’t be able to play in the playoffs at all” Not more then 4 hours later we hear another ” breaking news story” Danny Ainge has had a small heart attack and is in the hospital. (The question I have to ask is how does a man without a heart have a heart attack? Another story for another blog perhaps?)

Sound suspicious to you? Well it does to me.

I originally started this blog to defend Garnett but it certainly isn’t ending up that way. Fact is he became a jerk once he put on that Celtic uniform and it totally changed the way I thought of him as a person. (not a player) To prove I am not just a hater I actually still like Ray Allen and think he is a good egg as they say (in honor of Easter) even if he whines a lot and sometimes sounds like a hypocrite.

Oh yes. I had a point. Do you really think it is a coincidence that Danny Ainge makes a statement that playing in the playoffs is “up to KG” just ONE DAY before they announce KG isn’t going to play? Come on. If you are a real Celtic fan then you have been around Danny Ainge long enough to know he NEVER takes the blame for his mistakes. He traded Antoine Walker for Raef Lafrentz knowing he had a bad knee and he blames Antoine. He doesn’t keep Darius Songalia who would have made a better bench player then half the players he has now and he blames his “basketball people” saying they told him that Songalia had no shot at playing in the NBA.

Truth is Danny Ainge can’t be trusted. He is a two faced liar that only cares about what he wants in the name of what he wants. If you are honest with yourself you even have to admit that you won that title last year because Paul Pierce was already here (showing up in the finals) and because Kevin McHale is inept at his job. Without McHale trading KG to Boston there is no title last year. You don’t make it past Atlanta.

Enjoy your vacation in the hospital Ainge. I hope you choke on your jello.


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