Happy Spring Training day

The pitchers and catchers are here!!! I am so excited:)



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2 responses to “Happy Spring Training day

  1. Hello there FDA!
    Opener postponed. I was bummed beyond words. I was so ready for the broadcast.

    Not sure where Rob’s off to, but hopefully you’ll keep RS blogs going this season too.

    I’ve got tickets for Wednesday’s day game in Oakland. I’m super excited. Best, jig

  2. It was a beautiful day under blue skies, albeit a bit chilly in the shade. The game went super fast. Great to see Wakefield on the mound for 9 innings. Lots of kids there and As’ fans were better behaved than usual. It was a good day.

    However, I left my RS beanie laying on a chair this morning when I left the house. Sky Harbor, my youngest labrador, ATE it. I found bits and pieces. I guess she’s not a RS fan.

    Hope you’re doing well over there. Rob says he’s finishing school/studying—blahblah. Grin.

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