Alex Rodriguez admits to cheating after he was caught.

According to A-Rod he cheated from 01 to 03. How nice but A-Rod happens to be a two faced liar. He really must be an amazing player to get better after he stopped cheating.

Give me a break. He did not admit he cheated because he is coming clean. He admitted he cheated because HE GOT CAUGHT and I can’t believe how many stupid people there are in the world that not only believe he didn’t do it after 2003 but they think he should be forgiven.

A-Rod milked the Yankees out of 200 million dollars based on a lie and I don’t care if A-Rod insists he stopped after 2003 because there is no way he did. You don’t get better after you allegedly stop doing steroids.

It doesn’t surprise me NY forgives him. There entire team probably sells HGH and steroids in the vending machine’s but the rest of the United States and World should be smarter then this.

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