The Red Sox are not the Yankees

Don’t ever compare us to the Yankees. I see people all the time saying we buy our team and the fact is what we do doesn’t even compare to the Yankees spending half a BILLION dollars on 3 players.

We lost out on A-Rod (thank you baseball Gods) because we wouldn’t pay 16 million more dollars. The other day the Yankees added a year onto CC Sabathia’s contract when they had no other parties bidding.

The Red Sox lost out on Mark Texiera over a few million. They also didn’t get Bobby Abreu two years ago for the exact same reason. Anyone remember Mo Vaughn and why we didn’t sign him. Do you see a pattern?

Mark Texiera (who by the way I never wanted on the Red Sox) just got an 8 year, 180 million dollar deal with the Yankees. The Red Sox were the front runner according to the media but two days ago on the way home from work my friend heard WEEI announce that the Red Sox had pulled their offer from the table. CNNSI and ESPN were still announcing us as the leaders to get him. To bad the facts were we were already out of the race. (we weren’t going to have a bidding war)

The Red Sox have a limit. John Henry announced days before the Yankees signed Texiera that we were out of the bidding but some how the Boston media is shocked that the Yankees went after a player the red sox wanted very recently and gave him a last minute extra few millions (including a 5 million dollar signing bonus) The Boston media is acting all mad right now but I really don’t think they are that dumb.

Buying a team is when you pay someone 180 million dollars just to keep him away from your rival. Thank GOD the Red Sox owners have more brains then Junior Steinbrenner. That isn’t the way to run a business. I for one am proud that the owners of my team have some morals and won’t just buy a player they don’t need just because they can. In case Yankee fans have forgotten the Yankees just traded for Nick Swisher who now has no position.

Last but not least the Red SOx have had ONE contract over the 100 million dollar mark and that was a player the old owners paid for. That was the only time we bought a player. (Don’t even get me started on Dicke -K. He makes 8 million a year. The fee to negotiate with his Japanese team has nothing to do with the payroll.

The Yankees 100 million dollar contracts are Jeter, A-Rod, CC and Texiera. They have 4 guys currently on their team that make more money then the Florida teams combined. Let that sink in. I am sure we could add a third or forth team to the mix and still get a lesser payroll then 4 men on their team have. That doesn’t even count Jason Giambi who is not on their team as of 2009. Bobby Abreu’s contract was also huge but I am not sure of the exact amount.


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