Curt Schilling’s thoughts on 04 and beyond

Ever wonder how Curt Schilling became a Red Sox? Well his version is probably somewhere in the middle of the truth but here it is anyway.

After you read the article make sure you watch the video. There is a link on the second page but in case you can’t find it the link is below. It is amazing how close Schilling is to the actuality of it all in 09 and beyond.

No he won’t be back next year but the rest is dead on.

Article. Schilling on how he became a Red Sox

Video to watch

My opinion on this article is shock. Maybe in ten years I can look back and appreciate Curt for everything he did. Not like I don’t appreciate him now. I do but I think it will be so much more when he isn’t around the game anymore.

Maybe it is me but this whole article seems like a set up to make sure Schilling is a Yankee next year. If he does that then in ten years my outlook on him will be what it is now after reading this article. Kind of annoyed. I can still appreciate everything Curt did for this organization and be skeptical of why he says what he says in this article.

The one part of this article I can agree 99.9% on is the last paragraph. Everything Curt appreciates from his time here is what I will remember him and the team for. (Unless he becomes a Yankee) I agree Keith Foulke should have been M.V.P of the World series. (though Ortiz should be tied with him) What D-Lowe did in 04 was AMAZING. Bill Mueller is the best. Lester’s no hitter, Curt’s 200th win (which I was at) Tek taking out A-Rod:), Only thing I don’t agree with is his love for  Terry Francona. IMO he gets lucky more then his “great managing skills” help him win games. AGAIN I do appreciate Tito because when it comes down to it he did what no one could and helped us win a World Series (2 actually) but….

Saving the non-best for last. We all know it was the Yankees that had someone call up Schilling and try and keep him from being a Red Sox so how is this NOT collusion? How is this allowed in Major League baseball?

I don’t get it.


I have been thinking for awhile I needed to write a new blog but life has gotten in the way. Even the trading of my favorite Red Sox (ex red sox) couldn’t get me to write on this (I’ll miss you Coco:(


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