2008 has been the worst year ever

Patriots lost. Celtics won. Red Sox are dying. The Olympics were a joke (gymnastics fan here pretty bitter about the scoring. Or should I say over scoring of the golden child) Brady has been Sports Illustrated jinxed. What else could go wrong? Manny is so destined to lead the Los Angelos Dodgers to a world series title this year.lol  For the Dodger fans sake lets just hope Manny doesn’t forget again he is supposed to run to first base. Not trot there admiring the swing that just ended in a Double Play because he didn’t feel like running.

I wouldn’t be against the Dodgers winning the World Series this year because I love the owner. Love Derek Lowe but seeing Manny be rewarded for refusing to play would just add to the misery that is 2008. The guy black mailed the Red Sox into trading him by telling them he would shut it down if he didn’t get traded?MLB allows this? Man the Yankees demise isn’t even much of a highlight for me this year.

Damn the Chinese. I thought the number 8 was a lucky number.


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