EX- Teammates faced off

What to do. What to do. Last night two of my favorite Red Sox players of the past faced off for the first time in their careers. Derek Lowe and Bronson Arroyo competed against each other for the first time. Who should I root for was the question I asked myself several times and there was just no answer.

Derek Lowe ended up winning but see how great it is when past players (unlike certain current basketball spitters and gang signal throwing members) are such class acts you can root for them regardless of the situation. Well until one gets traded to NY.LOL

Ex teammates face off



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4 responses to “EX- Teammates faced off

  1. mjf123

    Hmmm Mr. Lowe left his wife and children to be with a reporter. I have also hear he cheated on his wife I wouldn’t call that being classy but it’s a matter of opinion.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    and his wife was screwing the neighbor at the same time. That marriage was a farce.

    Derek Lowe was a class act when he left here after he was treated like crap.

    Thanks for the comments

  3. FDA, I haven’t visited your blog in a while. What’s up, what’s new? We need to renew the quarreling. I need to bash the Red Sox a little bit, and be a raving jackass in the process. Think I’m gonna hold off a bit to devise a witty plan to do that! Haha.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    Good luck with that Troy.lol
    I guess I’ll see you later then.

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