Oh BIG mouth New England Patriot haters? Where art thou?

I am waiting for an apology. All of New England AND the Patriots are waiting for you to admit you were wrong. You ran your mouth for months with out a single piece of evidence and it turns out all the rumors and speculation printed by ESPN and CNNSI and Fox were complete LIES!

Grasp this concept. The media is full of shit.

Turns out Matt Walsh never had a walk through of the Patriots first Superbowl win. Turns out the tape never existed but in the minds of the Boston Herald. A paper known to print complete lies just because they feel like it. (Remember Steve Bulpett’s Danny Ainge quotes about no trade discussions going on between Boston and Atlanta in 05. A week before the trade went through? Steve knew full well trade discussions were going on but Ainge told him to lie about it and he did. Printing information in the paper he knew was a lie)

I won’t hold my breath for an apology from the haters. Blue isn’t my color anyway but that doesn’t change the facts. You were wrong.

<a href=”http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/football/nfl/05/07/walsh.videotapes.ap/index.html”&gt; The tape never existed</a>

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