Get a life New York Yankees higher ups. Steinbrenner Junior tells people to beat someone up. article

My title will not go over well but you know what I could care less. The NY Yankees higher ups are the biggest losers ever to own a franchise and this is coming from someone in Boston that sat through years of the Red Sox owners being cheap and currently has to deal with moronic Wyc Grousbeck as the owner of the unmentionable team.

Someone working in NY on the Yankees new stadium buried a red sox shirt and the idiots in charge of NY’s has been team dug the shirt up. They spent 5 hours and who knows how much money to dig up the freaking shirt. Hilarious.

This just proves how far the Yankees organization has fallen in the past 8 years. Ever since George Steinbrenner went brain dead and turned over the operations to whatever crazy retarded family member left in his insane family they have become stupid. I never thought I would say this but George Steinbrenner is the smartest member of his family. I think I actually miss him. While he was obnoxious and senile he was a true Yankee fan. He cared about that organization and he did whatever he could to help them win. The people in charge now are just plain an embarrassment.

Hank Steinbrenner in the below article actually tells the members of this guy’s construction crew to beat up the guy that buried the shirt. Can you believe it? He actually wants someone harmed over a harmless joke. I cannot believe this idiot actually wants a human being beat up and he is so stupid he actually made these comments to a reporter.

“I hope his coworkers kick the s- – – out of him,” said George’s boy, who now runs the team with his brother Hal.

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