Red Sox take on Derek Lowe. Thanks ESPN

Thursday at 1 pm (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS) the Red Sox will be playing the LA Dodgers on ESPN. Watching the Red Sox at all is fun but it becomes extra special for me when I get to see ex Red Sox players I like (which is basically anyone but Johnny Damon) and according to a friend D-Lowe is pitching. The last time I see D-Lowe pitch was a year or two ago where he left the game (as a dodger) in the 7th inning winning 5-1 and they blew the lead and lost the game. Anyway the Red Sox are on. You also might get to see Nomar. I think he is still a and then there is always Joe Torre. BOOOOO

Lets see the Bruins have been winning lately. Were moved up to the sixth spot in the playoffs the last time I checked but it has been awhile.

Patriots re-signed Randy Moss. Randy was a pen in the hand away from signing with the whiny Philadelphia Eagles for four years but he changed his mind at the last minute. Those same Eagles that think they should get rings for the Superbowl they lost also signed Asante Samual. Randall Gay signed somewhere else (maybe the Browns) and Tedy Bruschi re-signed with the Patriots. So he isn’t retiring.

Well I am done with old news. I am sure you all know this information.


p.p.s- I hate ESPN:) Biased fools. I’ll be watching the Sox and D-Lowe with the sound off. I suggest everyone does the same.

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