Happy Leap day, The official network premiere of your World Champion Boston Red Sox

What a great day. Sure it is freezing outside and the second to last day of my vacation ending but who cares. The Red Sox first game of the year (TV wise.) is on then less then 7 hours.

Yesterday they beat up on some College teams with a combined score of 39-0 (15-0 and 24-0) but tonight we get to play the Twins. (Wish they would air today’s game also on TV)

Anyway other news…. There is no other news. It’s freaking baseball season!:) I will be watching every minute (even when the people know one know come in in the 4th inning)I am that excited about baseball.

I remember in 05 I was hoping baseball could just end. MLB would go under and the highlight of my sporting life would be the Red Sox winning the world series. This year is different. I am going to try and just be happy I got to see two world series wins in my life. No world series hogging and thinking we should win every year. Now that I know for a fact 2004 was not just destiny I can breath.

Go Sox



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2 responses to “Happy Leap day, The official network premiere of your World Champion Boston Red Sox

  1. However, I must say like the Celts (sorry to name them here) in the 60s, it would be really nice to win just about every friggin year.

  2. Howdy, FDA! The edge is off— win or lose. This year I’ll be camped out in the backyard knitting through the afternoon games, listening to WRKO via MLB game day audio. We’ll bemoan the specifics. We’ll cheer. It will be good. It will be beautiful.

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