Welcome to Spring Freaking Training Day

I stayed up until midnight just so I could write this.

Today is the first day of Spring Freaking Training. That’s right. It should be a National Holiday for Red Sox fans after a World Series win 🙂

It was only 4 months ago my fellow blogger wovenSUNshine was posting random numbers thru out my blog. Numbers that made no sense at all to me.lol (they were days until spring training started)

Bring out the hot dogs and cracker jacks and count the days until April 8th. The day Red Sox fans get to open the season at home and watch our team get their rings.

Don’t forget NECN tonight at 6.30 PM. A special on the Sox and what will now be officially called “Spring Freaking Training”

Welcome back Joshy:) Welcome back Dice-K:) Welcome back Dougy and Tek:) Welcome back Clay and Craig and Julian and Jon and beautiful blue eyed Kyle and Oki and….



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