Leave Bill Belichick the hell alone


What is wrong with some of you people. We get labeled cheaters when we win yet when we lose we were “out played”

OH MY GOD go away. Really just go find a bus. Pick up Kevin McHale, Osama Bin Ladin the President of Venezuela and Danny Ainge (tied to the engine) and drive off a cliff.

I am as disappointed and frustrated as the next person at losing the Superbowl but this nit picking the entire team is getting old really fast. Actually fans being upset at the way we played isn’t even the problem. Our own media should be banned forever from Gillette. If I was Bob Kraft the Herald reporters would never be allowed to step foot on any field I owned.

It’s bad enough when we have New York papers being assholes trying to stir up trouble but when your own paper tries to derail your perfect season you really have problems. Yep a guy that was fired has the only copy of a tape you allegedly used to spy on the Rams 7 years ago. Sure sounds legit to me. Lets run the story in the paper two days before the freaking Superbowl. (rolling eyes)

Thank God Red Sox come back in 7 short days.

P.S.- I blame this loss on Brady. Yep lives in New York. Roots for New York teams.(Yankees Suck) He must have tanked this game for the NEW YORK Giants to win. Heck it makes me feel better so I am going with it.:)


Lets see. Shaq was traded from Miami to the Suns for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. I hope this works out. If it does say goodbye to your exec of the year Fanny. Haha. I love Shaq. King of Classic quotes.


We re-signed Bobby Kielty. I would have loved Trot back but I am glad Bobby is back.Eric Hinske to Tampa Bay


BC and Harvard for the Bean Pot.




Don’t retire Junior, Troy or Tedy. Lets get this done next year.


Someone get me a drink


Thinking about this Patriots hates again. I just don’t get it. The Yankees owned the 90’s and they never got attacked this much. It’s sad. We deserve better then this. As fans. The Patriots an as organization and especially Bill Belichick himself.



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2 responses to “Leave Bill Belichick the hell alone

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. And yep, I couldn’t agree more…NY Giants are poor winners, to say the least.

    I also disagree with our own Randy Moss, that nothing they (the Pats) did all season mattered because they lost the Super Bowl. I, as a devoted fan, disagree. They still played the most amazing season, and for that they deserve credit.

    Here’s to the start of Beantown Baseball!

  2. Rob Mo

    The problem was that the coaching was terrible for the Pats. How difficult is it to tell a defense on 3rd and long “Nothing deep”? And why did it take until 5 minutes left in the game to go to the 5-wide spread shotgun? The Pats under prepared for the Giants’ D and just didn’t do what they had done all season. Do I fault Belichick? No, not necessarily, but at a point he needs to tell McDaniels that they need to be in 5 wide. That’s why he’s the head coach.

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