Get Doc Rivers a muzzle

Still talking Toine
Lets see. You have the best record in the NBA. You get to coach the NBA All Star game and you still have nothing better to do then bring up something that happened almost 3 years ago ?

Doc Rivers is officially an idiot and I am so sick of him running his mouth. Don’t blame me here for reading about a Celtics related issue. I was looking up Ricky Davis to see what his injury was and out popped this article with quote from the ever so classy (SARCASM) Glenn “Doc Kevorkian”Rivers blaming trash talking for the fall of the 2005 Celtics in the playoffs and I just had to stop and literally scream.

Where does he get off bringing up others teams players and talking trash about them?

No Doc, Antoine Walker defending Delonte West from Jermaine O’Neils consistent need to try and injure another teams player (ask Shaq) and getting ejected for moving over an official was not the reason you lost the 2005 playoffs. Neither was Paul Pierce fighting back after Jamal Tinsley tried to take him out of the game. Ricky Davis and Gary Payton complaining to the refs wasn’t the reason either.

No the blame for that series loss rest solely on your shoulders. You were the coach sitting on the sidelines with your head up your ass while the Pacers ran up and down the court for ten minutes at a time scoring at will refusing to call a time out.

You Doc Rivers were the coach calling the same play again and again when it wasn’t working.

You were the guy losing that series on purpose so your boy Danny Ainge could be proven right (in your eyes) that Antoine Walker never should have been brought back to town.

The whole state knows you were forced to bring back Antoine by the owners and everyone of us knows that you did everything you could think of to make sure the Celtics lost that series. The fact that you are still making excuses for those losses 3 years later proves that.

(Need proof? See how the team played BEFORE Rivers was setting up every play vs how they played when he was. The record speaks for itself)

Lets just say it is not a coincidence that the Minnesota Timberwolves are coming to town Friday.

Doc Rivers loves to throw the word class around. My suggestion is that he goes and gets some he can shove up his ass to join his head.

Getting digs in to justify your boss Ainge’s 4 years of mediocrity when your team has the best record in the NBA? Must be the 25 year old high school reunion syndrome.

Thanks Kevin McHale.

Oh and Danny your code of conduct has worked out so well.


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