Was Kevin Garnett always this conceited and obnoxious?

Detroit Article

Act like you’ve been there. That is what the saying says but the last time the Celtics were “there” Paul Pierce was 10 years old and rooting for the Lakers so maybe he doesn’t exactly understand the meaning of the saying, It is obvious he has no idea what Celtics Pride was about.

The Celtics beat the Pistons last Saturday (the first real team with a chance to get to the finals they have beaten all year) and the so called “stars” and “class” of the current Celtics teams were acting like idiots. Pierce was being his usual self pumping his shirt like he knows the true meaning of what wearing that shirt means. Garnett was doing the same thing. Maybe its me but maybe you should play for a team for more then 3 months before you start acting like wearing that shirt matters more then the average NBA shirt. WOW that sounded pretty self entitled. (Yankee 26 titles so everyone else sucks like entitled )My bad you’re right. Wearing a Celtics shirt is no different then wearing a Bobcats shirt especially when you are disgracing that shirt with your bad attitude PAUL PIERCE.

James Posey was mocking the Detroit fans to their faces and making fun of the “De-troit basketball” chant that they do and I can’t really blame him for that. By nature Detroit fans are some of the meanest most annoying fans you will ever find in a any sport and my guess if they weren’t being quiet during that game either. (Celtics “fans” apparently are just as bad)

Lets just say that the rest of the NBA is not very happy with the way the Celtics are trash talking these days. In a recent chat by an NBA Insider this is what was said

milkncookie: what do you think lamar odom was thinking there..? maybe he tripped? that looked ridiculous, he basically tackled him. (*Lamar Odom tried to take out Ray Allen a few nights ago in a game)

SportsNation David Thorpe: I don’t know. But I do know players hate the way the C’s talk trash. Expect more of this kind of stuff.

Notice that it doesn’t complain about the Celtics Trash talking but it does talk about the WAY they trash talk. These teams might remember come playoff time. Upsets happen.

Trash talking is part of todays NBA and every team does it including the Pistons but the difference is if you are going to act like your team is better then the rest then act like you’ve been there. Unless you haven’t and you have NOT Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

The Pistons beat the Celtics a few weeks ago in Boston for their first and only loss at home this season and they didn’t act like idiots. Maybe because they have actually been there and no you don’t wake up a sleeping giant.

This article also proves how easy it is for Paul Pierce to be two faced. How easy it is for him to represent himself to the media one way all the while showing his true self on the court. This is something I have known about Pierce for years. Winning however clouds the judgment of some I guess.


Patriots will win first playoff game. I love when players don’t keep quiet.lol Oh and FYI to the player, Why exactly are you like most players in the NFL ignoring that the Jets did the Same thing LAST YEAR?




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9 responses to “Was Kevin Garnett always this conceited and obnoxious?

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  2. dbabbitt

    “the first real team with a chance to get to the finals they have beaten all year”

    And who have the Pistons beaten other than the Celts once?

    We’ll let’s see they’ve lost to the Jazz and Lakers, two Western Conference playoff teams that the Celts defeated.

    That about sums it up.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    Pistons won a title 2.4 seasons ago. They have proved plenty.

    The Celtics beat the Jazz in a month where they were 4 and 11 so beating them is nothing to brag about.

    Pistons have been to the ECF the last 5 years. Made the finals twice and won a title. Now that about sums it up.

  4. Rob Mo

    Screw the Pistons and the 4-letter-network. The Celtics can gloat all they want, seeing as they have the best record in the NBA. Also, Paul Pierce does know what it means to wear a C’s jersey. He’s struggled through the bad times and can finally reap the benefits of his patience and enjoy the success.

  5. FireDannyAinge

    There was no patience for Pierce. He only cared about getting his stats. Why are people so blind to him.

    He never asked to be traded until he lost his All Star spot. Once he was getting the sympathy vote for being “the only good player on a bad team” (HIS WORDS) he told the Celtics get Garnett or I want to be traded.
    I am sick of hearing what a saint Pierce is when he is so obviously anything but.

  6. Rob Mo

    Well, I can see we won’t much agree on this topic, so… how ’bout them Pats?

  7. FireDannyAinge

    LOL We will never agree on this subject because unlike most of the bandwagon fans (not you) I have actually paid attention to this subject in detail and daily for the last 4 years. (I even sat through Celtics Pride . Most people don’t even know what that is.(hint it is not the movie)

    It amazes me how winning clouds the judgment of so many.

  8. CGabriel

    Regarding Kevin Garnett…the view from here in Minneapolis is one that hopes your Celtics win it all this year. And bear in mind, I’m a lifelong Bulls fan going back to their first year, 1966.

    Here in the Twin Cities, Kevin was nothing but a class act. He always had time for charities, children and interviews, never turning down any of the aforementioned. The person here who has taken the heat, and rightfully so, is native son and one of your all-time greats, Kevin McHale. He and the rest of the front office never did a damn thing to really surround Garnett with the players to make this franchise get to the next level. Of course, the next level for the Timberwolves is actually winning a playoff series.

    Garnett was forever the team/community guy. When he finally had had enough and went to Boston, the feeling was almost unanimous: Good luck in Boston…now go win yourself a championship.

  9. FireDannyAinge

    Thanks for the comments CGabriel. I am sure he is a nice guy but the way he has acted here when the team doesn’t win is pretty annoying to me and some actual old Celtics fans that have watched the Celtics from the 60’s .
    Never questioned his talent but for me personally I can’t take bad losers.

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