Top 10 Sports Stories of 2007

10- Colts win the Superbowl. I hate the Colts. We all hate the Colts but they beat a depleted us and went on to win the Superbowl so I guess I can’t leave them off the list. San Antonio Spurs won the NBA title. I also by the way hate the Spurs. Wow I guess this wasn’t my Actually any year the Red Sox win it is my year:) I don’t actually hate the Spurs. I can’t believe that a team with like 4 titles in the last eight years is so ignored by the National media and what about Tim Duncan? All he does is put up great stat after great stat on a winning team and he never gets enough consideration for M.V.P

9-The Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup. Ok Hockey isn’t big at all anymore but I hate Canada and I love the Mighty Ducks who aren’t the mighty Ducks anymore.

8- Cheating refs in the NBA? Shocking. After Tim Donaghy was caught fixing games for the mob Joey Crawford (by far the worst ref in the NBA) was suspended for kicking Tim Duncan out of a game for no reason. The refs in the NBA are among the worst of all sports (even counting Skating and gymnastics judges. I mean you Nellie Kim and Jackie Fie) and have been cheating for years. Why this was a shock I will never know.

7- Florida’s Football team becomes National Champion. A few months later Florida repeats as NCAA Champion for basketball. Florida had a great year College wise. Not so much professional sports wise.

6- New England Revolution lose again. Making it to the MLS cup for the 4th time the NE Revolution lose for the forth time. I am just glad this time I was at work and missed it. Last years loss was worse.

5- The Mitchell report names Roger Clemens. It also names Andy Pettitte and Brian Roberts who both admit that they cheated. (but only once? Sure) No current Red Sox players makes the Yankee fans whine. I knew that report would be fun.

4- Spy Gate. The Patriots taped the Jets from the sidelines which is against the rules. (however being two feet back in the stands and taping the other teams play callers is ok) The NFL made the Patriots out to be the devil making the Jets the innocent victims. Months go by. The Patriots keep winning. The media keeps painting them as the bad guys all the while feeling sorry for the poor pathetic Jets that can’t seem to win many games. Then what do we find out in late October? The Jets were caught doing the EXACT SAME THING last season? You mean the poor cheated on Jets were guilty of the exact same crime for which the media, fans and other teams questioned their 3 Superbowl wins?

3- The Death of Sean Taylor. While sleeping in his own bed, minding his own business a bunch of lazy ass punk teenagers were to cheap to work for their own money so they decided to rob an innocent victim killing him in the process. Leaving his baby daughter fatherless. Leaving his wife without a husband. This was a travesty. This is a travesty and any member of the media that made this kid out to be the bad guy should lose their jobs.

A side note to the number 3 story of the year were the home invasions of NBA stars Antoine Walker and Eddy Curry. The same thing that happened to Sean happened to both of them but they walked away with their lives.

2-Patriots go 16 and zero to complete a perfect regular season. Lets hope we keep this up in the playoffs.

1- The Boston Red Sox win World Series number seven. Second in the last 89 years. You know the details so I don’t need to repeat them. My highlights of the post season were the sweep of the Angels. Going to my first Post Season Red Sox game and watching Josh Beckett be Josh Beckett (dominate). JD Drew’s Grand slam and Papelbon’s reaction to winning the ALCS. Oh and of course sweeping the Rockies for the World Series win


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