Boston needs another NBA team

We could be like the Laker’s and Clippers. Playing in the same building. Competing for the same fans? What do you say NBA, Can I please have my basketball back?

Tonight the Celtics lost only their third game of the season. I am sure the place was packed with the Detroit Pistons in the building but I wouldn’t know because I REFUSE to ever support a Danny Ainge team. I won’t watch. I will NEVER go to a game but that doesn’t mean my basketball days should end does it?

Buying NBA league pass is an option but at this point in time I am saving for two gymnastics road trips. A possible trip to LA to see the Figure Skating World Championships (if only Michelle Kwan would come back) and several Red Sox games either in Boston or on a road trip so it isn’t possible for me to spend $179.00 on TV at the moment. (Not when gymnastics tickets just cost me 300 bucks) So what does a basketball fan do without basketball?

I need an NBA team to support but I am not a band wagon jumping kind of girl. When Zack Randolph was still on the Trailblazers I liked that team. The kids they have now are becoming pretty good players. If I was a bandwagon jumping type of girl this would be an option. (Is it really bandwagon jumping if I liked the team when they weren’t winning?) Hey I could follow Zack to the Knicks and root for them? (haha. If you knew how anti NY I was you would be falling off the chair laughing right

Another one of my favorite players is Tyson Chandler. Though it is purely from the stand point that I think he is the most adorable person on the planet right now next to my niece. I remember the night he was drafted. He was so polite up there in his interview and from then on I was hooked as a fan. Even when he became a Bull (one of my least favorite teams) He has the best smile and from reading about him he seems like a pretty well adjusted kid.

This is why the NBA needs to give Boston another basketball team. I can’t support the Celtics and to be honest I don’t want to support that type of organization which is why I want another team. Spending so much money to see a team on TV I can never support in person isn’t something that appeals to me. The Celtics are not the Red Sox. Another team in Boston could be supported by the fans. People like me that refuse to jump on a bandwagon deserve to have a team they can root for. A team they can be proud of. A team that doesn’t start fights when they can’t handle losing. A team where the owners don’t bad mouth players when they leave town. A team where the head of basketball operations has integrity. Where he doesn’t lie to the players on his team or the fans that support his team. A team where the owner won’t go to awards shows and make stupid jokes at the expense of his ex players. There has to be an NBA team ran like that out there that wouldn’t mind switching cities right?


How many days until pitchers and catchers report again?


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One response to “Boston needs another NBA team

  1. hey FDA— you could learn to play an instrument? that could help widdle down the boredom of winter and your Celtics boycott.

    In lieu of that, for another few weeks, I suggest long walks around looking at Christmas lights. Oh, wait. You live in cold climates. Well, many short walks. Hahahaha.

    Be well.

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