Virtual Waiting Rooms. There has to be a better way

Like most of Red Sox Nation I got up this morning and headed straight to the computer. I sat in a Virtual Waiting room with hopes of getting tickets to see the World Champion Boston Red Sox play this season. To be honest I am still sitting in that virtual waiting room and it is going on 6 and a half hours now.

Best case scenario I get to pay 50 plus dollars to sit in freezing cold Fenway in April to see the Red Sox play Tampa Bay or KC. Most likely sitting behind a poll. Worst case scenario I get nothing.

Over the years I have always gotten some type of tickets. Usually standing room or behind a poll sitting alone while my friends are scattered around Fenway. Today I am having no luck at all. The band wagon fans are out in full force after the World Series win and they always seem to have the best luck at this virtual waiting game.

I was originally in the waiting room to get a Sox pack which would consist of 4 games. After being in that room for 20 minutes all the pax were gone. So I did the logical thing and I went into a room to get tickets to see Tampa Bay. (Rays that is. NOT Devil Rays)

Come on how many bandwagon fans want to see the Rays I thought to myself. Guess I was wrong because I am still sitting in that room.

So for as long as I get the computer I will stay in this room but as I sit here typing I think to myself there has to be a better way then this? I have been getting tickets to see the Red Sox at least once for the last 15 years. Isn’t there a way to track the fans that supported this team even when they weren’t winning. Maybe it is shallow of me but I think I deserve to see the Red Sox play more then someone that picked up the team in 2004.



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5 responses to “Virtual Waiting Rooms. There has to be a better way

  1. Ah, FDA I feel your pain. Tickets aren’t onsale yet for Oakland’s opening day yet. How funny is that?? The A’s opening day at home is April Fools playing the Sox! I’ll be there by luck or by pluck!

    So, correction. 114 days and counting down.
    Giddy like a school girl, JIG

  2. FireDannyAinge

    This is beyond ridiculous. I am still waiting and waiting and….

    114 days, ah I get it. I guess I have not gotten bored enough to count those days

  3. FireDannyAinge

    LMAO Yes it At least the numbers move:)

    I am in another room now. I ended up getting 2 sets of tickets for April games so I guess I can’t complain to much.

  4. FDA, that’s AWESOME. good job. I am envious because you will see them at home while I sit in the concrete slab that is the McFee stadium amongst Raiders fans thinly disguised as As’ fans. BUT I won’t be freezing my tail off and it will be beautiful… the Sox. A beer and a dog.

    I’m sure I’ll rant and rave to ya after I’ve secured tix. JIG

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