Lowell Signed. Revs lose AGAIN, Ricky Davis ignoring Riley and more

Ricky Davis is already ignoring Pat Riley. That didn’t take long. The fat jokes blaming Antoine Walker for all the losing are pretty funny right now. Seems the Heat can’t win without him either. Man I love Ricky Davis for this.lol Pat Riley deserves everything he is about to get. A article in one of the Minnesota papers quotes a source that insists Riley was not fed up with Walker but was really fed up with Shaq. Since he could not call out Shaq he blamed Walker since he knew he was shipping him out of town. Regardless Pat Riley is losing control, Wade isn’t happy with the direction of the team (he somehow thinks he is in control. Typical Pierce attitude) and they have 2 wins (one more then Minnesota). Sigh I can’t stop smiling.lol Really I don’t hate the Heat. I actually love Shaq. Like Wade and have always been a big Alonzo Morning fan. Jason Williams is a tool sometimes but I have even enjoyed him the last two years. The Heat will turn this around in the end but I still can’t help but smile at Pat Riley getting what he deserves. Thanks Ricky:)
Want to read about Ricky ignoring Pat Riley… Here you go


Mike Lowell is going to re-sign with the Red Sox. The Red Sox gave him a deadline to make a decision and he made it. Ah if it was that simple. First the Yankees resigned A-Rod. Then they told Lowell they wanted him for first. Then they decided they didn’t want Lowell at all. It was only then that Lowell decided he would stay a Red Sox. Bless his little soul. Red Sox Nation is filled with joy. Schilling has finally shut up on the subject and Mike Lowell chose Boston after he wasn’t wanted by NY. I am glad Lowell the player is back but Lowell the person I am no longer a fan of. I will root for him in a Red Sox jersey like I root for big mouth “the fans should leave me alone when I leave the park” Youkilis but that doesn’t mean I have to like them as people. Like they care.lol

Rumor has it that Philadelphia offered Lowell 4 years at 50 million. I guess reaping the benefits of a World Series MVP trumps dying a slow death playing for the Phillies.


The Buffalo Bills, I mean New England Revolution again lost the MLS cup (Sunday) Can anyone on that team score a goal besides Taylor Twellman? This is the 4th time they have lost this cup and by now it is getting old. Matt Reiss is an amazing goalie and he has saved them so many times in the past but unless Twellman gets some consistent scoring help they will never win. We were the best team all year. This is sad.


A-Rod is still discussing a contract with the Yankees. I guess he wants part of the marketing deal that will happen if he breaks Barry Bonds home run record? They are trying to figure out how to put this in a contract. I don’t get the Yankees. They love to talk about their 26 rings so why exactly do they need A-Rod to sell tickets to their new stadium?

In related news Derek Jeter has found a way to get back some of the attention he lost BFraud (Before A-Rod) He decided he wasn’t going to pay his taxes in NY. LOL Man tonight the laughs are killing me. Thanks Ricky and Jeter. Man cheater Jeter has a new ring to it now.lol


The Celtics loss. Celtics fans are freaking out. “How can we lose to the Mickey Mouse” was one quote. As glad as I am that they finally lost it is one loss. Winning 8 games doesn’t make them Champions just as losing one game doesn’t make them garbage. (which is the point I try to get across to all the new bandwagon fans)

A telling fact of this game was that when Kevin Garnett played like a mortal the Celtics were losing by 20 points. A come back of sorts against the Magic bench made the game interesting but the end result was the first loss of the season. Not the end of the world yet certainly not a Championship 9 games into the season. I think some “Celtics fans” expected them to win all 82 games.lol



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5 responses to “Lowell Signed. Revs lose AGAIN, Ricky Davis ignoring Riley and more

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  3. Hey now, FDA no need to go smacking on the Phillies. There’s a huge banner hanging on City Hall announcing the NL MVP (a Phillie)! They have a beautiful new ballpark, I’m determined to head back there for a game or two this summer.

    Hmmm. I have to agree with you about Lowell. I wanted him to stay but not because no one else wanted him…

    Hope all is well over there. That was an interesting Eagles/Patriot game Sunday night, no? I’m not into football, but my friends in Philly were watching it and I was along for the ride…

  4. FireDannyAinge

    I’ll try to be nice to the Phillies.lol

    There is this person I know who is a Philly fan and she is a jerk so my hatred for them stems from her.

  5. So long as you promise to be nice. Remember, Santa’s watching.

    I once watched two Jersey girls claw it out at opening day at Vet stadium. YIKES. Nah, the Phillies’ fans are fair game. Like Oakland fans, they are just waiting around for football season…

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