Sorry Fraud AKA Alex Rodriguez, NO ONE wanted you

What makes A-Rod tick?

Born in NY, Raised in the Dominican Alex Rodriquez the person seemed normal enough according to his personal website. He liked to play football and basketball (played both sports in High school) and was eventually drafted by Seattle Mariners in 1993. The rest as they say is history. So how exactly did the normal Alex Rodriguez turn into the neurotic, attention seeking, money hording A-Rod we all hate? (Notice I didn’t say love to hate)

Rumors on the radio have A-Rods name being mentioned in the Mitchell report which could be why he is all of a sudden so quick to get a contract done. However if that isn’t the reason he ran back to NY for a contract then what exactly is he doing?

Scott Boras is getting most of the blame from the media. Many people feel he was stupid to advise A-Rod to opt out of his deal with the unfounded hope that teams would be lining up to pay him 350 million dollars (for a ten year deal) but IMO in the end A-Rod made the decision to opt out because of greed. He didn’t take kindly to Roger Clemens deal over taking his for the biggest single year contract for a player. (even if Clemens was pro-rated for the months he didn’t play) and he truly believes he is bigger then baseball. I somehow doubt this ego is Scott Boras’s fault.

The big question I have is why in the world would A-Rod want to go back and play for the New York Yankees? He must have felt like he was Schizophrenic playing for that team the last few years. Booed one minute, cheered the next (sometimes in the same game) Blamed by every single newspaper on the planet for the team not winning the World Series the last 4 years and that doesn’t even bring up how he was treated by the Yankee fans. Why would he want to go back and deal with that?

I am not an A-Rod defender. His playoff stats are horrible and I would never want him on my team under any circumstances but his regular season stats have been great. He might not have always been the guy to hit when you needed it but he certainly did his part to help the Yankees get to the post season 4 years in a row. The Yankees never would have been in the post season this year if it wasn’t for A-Rod. Then again they never would have lost in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 if his bat had actually showed up either.
What possible reason would A-Rod have besides money to go back to NY. Don’t give me he was meant to be a Yankee. That is a joke. Even the most butt kissing Yankee fan couldn’t sell that excuse to a sick person in a pharmacy.

Not a single team in baseball was willing to give him the deal he wanted so he went back to the only team willing to pay him anything close. I must say I am pretty proud of the way all the MLB baseball teams (but one) stood up as a United front and refused to bow down to Boras and A-Rods insane demands. This is good for the fans and the future of baseball.

If I had been A-Rod I would have taken less money and went to play for a team that wanted me. I never would have gone back to play for NY because they never appreciated him at all. Sure they will defend him against Red Sox fans but these same people praising him now for coming back are the same people that were calling him a turncoat just a month ago.

I am a Red Sox fan so you might be wondering why I am writing about A-Rod at all. Truth is I am just don’t know why I am writing about him. Ever since he opted out of his contract I have been wondering what makes him tick? They say he wants to be liked so badly that sometimes what he says and does comes out the wrong way. I just don’t get why A-Rod cares so much about money when he has so much.

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5 responses to “Sorry Fraud AKA Alex Rodriguez, NO ONE wanted you

  1. Not sure why you wrote about A-Rod, FDA, but I suspect you did it for the same reason I’ve been keeping track in the news— it’s a soap opera, drama trauma unfolding. More importantly, I’m reading it thinking: I am so glad he’s not a Red Sox.

    What are your thoughts on Lowell today? I’m keeping mum over on my page and holding my breathe…

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Me personally I don’t want Lowell anymore. If he comes back the only reason he is coming back is because the Yankees seem to no longer want him.

    As far as I am concerned if he doesn’t want to be here for the offer offered then he can leave. 12 million a year was more then enough.

    I notice the pro Lowell crowd are even some what fed up with him at this stage. Then of course there is always the Lowell over team crowd that will never let

  3. I am going to wait this one out. I am hoping he stays. On other news fronts, it will be interesting to see Francona manage the AL during the 2008 All Star game— at Yank stadium.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    I never thought of In the last year it exists. Knowing Francona he will go out of his way to make sure the Yankees get to play most.

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