Schilling, Coco Crisp, Youkilis, A-Fraud, Tags and so much more

Congrats to Kevin Youkilis on his cold glove award. There was no way he could not win this award with the first base he played this year. No errors.? Can’t beat that. Coco Crisp however was robbed of another Gold Glove. The Managers are not doing their jobs here. If they can’t vote for the deserving people then let someone else do it. Also congratulations to Orlando Cabrera. Someone finally saw Jeter for the fraud he is at SS and gave the award to someone that actually deserved it. Last year Alex Gonzalez should have won that award and he was royally cheated of it.

Here are the numbers from Coco and Torri Hunter. The stats are provided by Cavman Considers
He or she did all the work in coming up with the stats so he or she gets the credit.

Curt Schilling said he wanted to be a Red Sox next year. He said it time and time again but did you believe him? I kind of did. I believed he wanted to be here but I wasn’t quite sure he would take a pay cut to be here. Well for once someone actually said something and stood behind it. Schilling acting as his own agent even added a weight clause. Not only am I thrilled Curt will be back here in Boston but I am happy he is doing what is not only best for himself but what is best for the Red Sox and their fans. Another blog brought up how Joe Torre was so offended by the performance incentives in his deal but Curt didn’t think twice. To me that says a lot about him.

Curt re-signs

Don Shula sounds a we bit scared don’t ya think? I am sorry some other team has a chance at a perfect season Mr Shula but you sound like a two year old whose mother just had another baby. Afraid of sharing your toys much.?
Alex Rodfraud is telling his friends (he has friends?) his first choice is to play for the Red Sox next year. I am sure I am not the only person in Boston screaming and pulling my hair out right now at the thought of this happening. I am not sold on Mike Lowell coming back but even if he doesn’t I would rather have anyone playing third base then Alex Rodriquez. Casper the friendly Ghost? Fred the Christmas Donkey? Satan himself? Yep I would take all three over I-Rod. The only reason Alex wants to play in Boston is because he wants the money he thinks we will pay him.
David Ortiz had surgery yesterday. We wish him a speedy recovery because here at Fire Danny Ainge. We love David Ortiz. Oh and if we ever call him Davis instead of David. It isn’t because we don’t know his name. It is because we can’t type and the letter “s” is right next to the letter “d” and no this was not brought to you by Sesame street:)

Lately I have become captivated by the words people search for that in the end put them here at my blog. I thought I would give my thoughts.

:Kevin Mchale salary – Ummm, My guess would be more then he is worth.

:Antoine Walker- Still stuck in Minny

:firedannyainge – My dream come true

:where is Tavarez? – No one really knows. Red Sox are looking for him.

:Cleveland Indians, recent world series – No World Series. ALCS

:t wolves antoine walker back to boston – Wishful thinking. My guess is I would except A-Rod before Danny Ainge does the right thing and brings back Toine.

:Cleveland Indians 2007 shirts – My guess is they are pretty cheap right now.

:Terry Francona – Skipper of World Series Champion baby!

Yi Lianjian – Bucks rookie. Glad he decided to do the right thing.

:Antoine Walker back in Boston – HEAR US AINGE, Bring back Toine.

: Toine buy out? Boston – Waiting and waiting and waiting. Just like the energizer bunny. Funny this is the most asked question that leads to firedannyainge. Hmmm

: Where is Troy Brown – Where he belongs. A Patriot



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5 responses to “Schilling, Coco Crisp, Youkilis, A-Fraud, Tags and so much more

  1. I’m most definitely a he.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Well I am not a he and I wanted to make sure I didn’t call you one if you weren’t.

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  5. Coco definitely got robbed, and I’m tired of them giving the gold glove to Ivan…He’s not THAT great anymore…I’m sure there are other catchers more deserving…(Varitek, hint hint).

    What do you think about the offer to Mike Lowell? Are you as nervous as I am about this? I mean, I love Mike Lowell, I mean, who doesn’t? But is this the best move, a three-year deal?

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