NFL’s new nickname, National Full of it League

The Patriots were attacked by the media, fans and just about everyone earlier this year for taping the other teams coaches while they gave their plays. (3 guys standing on the sidelines all moving their arms like a bad gymnast trying to dance. Taping this was somehow supposed to be an advantage) The NFL took away a number one draft pick from the Patriots and fined both the team and their coach for breaking the rules. It didn’t matter that the Jets had been caught doing the same thing the year before but the NFL hid that fact and made the New England Patriots the satan team of football. Stupid New Yorkers came up with even dumber nick names for Bill Belichick and the team. Since then i’t’s players have had their entire career’s questioned for something every team does.

Which leads us to yesterday. During the game between the “evil” Patriots and the halo’d Colts strange noises were heard during the game . Someone (according to the below article) had a video of this up on you tube. Today when the halo’d Colts were questioned about pumping noise into the stadium  (which is against the rules)among other things the NFL quickly came to the defense of the golden boy Manning and his halo’d team, the Indianapolis Colts. Dungy would never do this was hollered throughout the land because Saint Manning would never be involved in such a thing. Pardon me while I laugh the the hypocrisy of it all.

The NFL has to defend everything Peyton Manning does because they have made him their golden child . Manning is now the face of the NFL. What does it say about the National full of it league if their sainted patron of football is just as much of a cheater as the rest of the NFL.? If you ask me it says a lot.

What did it take the NFL 15 hours to stand up for Peyton Manning.? They had an excuse blaming CBS all ready and IMO the answer was just too quick. Maybe the excuse was in place for when the Colts got caught. Lets face it if this has happened before then the NFL knew about it and once again ignored it.

Why is it that some rules have to be followed by everyone except the Colts.?




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2 responses to “NFL’s new nickname, National Full of it League

  1. I think what the Colts did by reverberating the sound throughout the RCA Dome was pretty ridiculous. You have every right to be angry about it. I’m sure the NFL will do something about this. If not, it would be a true travesty and talked about before a while (until it finally dies down; then people will use it effacely in their arguments in years to come.)

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I really don’t have a big problem with it since everyone seems to break these rules. My problem is the NFL making the Patriots the bad guys and Colts the Saints when everyone does the same things.
    It is just hypocritical to me.

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