Where is Julian Tavarez.?

I love Kyle Snyder (Have you seen how blue his blue eyes are.? Sorry girl moment there) but with Tim Wakefield too old and injured to pitch I don’t get Kyle getting his spot on the roster. We need long relief. Julian Tavarez is exactly the guy I want mopping up a starters short start and I really do not get the decision to put in Snyder. Who was not very good (going by memory) the last month of the season. Don’t even get me started on Gagne being on the roster.

I really feel bad for Julian. He is a good enough pitcher and he did an amazing job as our fifth starter this year over all. He has been the first guy up to support the team when they came up big and IMO he should have been on the roster
Losing Wakefield is bigger then most people think. He didn’t win 16 games this year for nothing. Losing a 16 game winner on your post season roster is huge for any team.


It all starts tomorrow night. Yaz will throw out the first pitch.



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4 responses to “Where is Julian Tavarez.?

  1. the66thdopefish

    Looks to me like Jon Lester will take Wake’s spot in the rotation. Which is also scary but someone has to pitch in Denver.

    In fact, all of our pitchers pitching in Denver scares me. Can we not play in Denver at all? Isn’t there 18 feet of snow coming their way? *hopes so*

  2. Loved the girl moment! Still laughing.
    Point taken— when Snyder pitched against the Rockies earlier in the season, it did not go well. I, too would rather see Tavarez than Snyder.

    Here’s hoping….

  3. I am shocked that Gagne is on the roster. I just hope that he does well, something about the guy makes me like him.

    And Yaz tossing the first pitch, sweet, he has been my hero for as long as I can remember.

  4. I was happy to see Gagne on the roster. Mike Timlin, Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon can’t pitch in every game, and Gagne gave Okajima and Pap some time off last night. And who knows, with all these chances to pitch, he might stop being the sequel to Calvin Schiraldi and redeem himself.

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