Tonight is proof Karma exists. The Red Sox won game 7 thanks to some awesome late inning runs , amazing pitching and IMO some karma that happened when Cleveland businesses decided to sell world series shirts before the series was over. The trash talking by the media and some comments by a Cleveland player. Not to mention some bottle throwing and racist comments by adult men at the Jake.

I am sure Cleveland is a great city. They have some amazing talent in their ball club and no one ever said they didn’t. They had a great season and they very well could have won this series. The Red Sox didn’t play as well as they should have, left too many men on base and hit into way too many double plays and only 2 starters got out of the 5th inning all series long but everything started to change when those world series shirts were being sold and the comments starting coming that I have to believe that a higher being had a hand in this. Not to take anything away from the Red Sox or Cleveland players because at times both teams were brilliant.

All I have to say is Champaign actually does taste better at home. That and to hellwith grammar the Red Sox are going to the World Series.!

The Colorado Rockies are an amazing team and their 20 out of 21 games won is one of the most amazing baseball I can remember (non Red Sox) happening in the last 20 years. They beat us 2 out of 3 at Fenway this year and this should be a great World Series. I hear their fans are very classy and I look forward to game one Wednesday night.

Oh and Buster Olney. F*** Y**  you Yankee loving biased piece of know it all.



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10 responses to “Karma

  1. If there’s an Author up there somewhere, s/he planned this series for maximum drama. It would have been great but a bit boring to have swept the Indians. I suspect the World Series will be another roller coaster ride, which means we all should stock up on antacids, alcohol, or whatever substance eases us through the ulcers.

  2. I agree with most of what you said. You guys were the better team and deserved to win. But the team can’t control what t-shirts other businesses are selling. And Ryan Garko’s comments were taken completely out of context by the Red Sox. Garko’s champagne comment was in reference to the Yankee’s series, not the Red Sox series. Garko said about the quote, “I was asked if I was unhappy that we didn’t clinch at home,” said Garko. “I said, No, it was fun clinching at Yankee Stadium. I said the champagne tasted great at Yankee Stadium.”

    Anyway, it was a fun series, but heartbreaking for us. Hopefully you guys don’t waste this opportunity and can go take care of business and bring the World Series back to the American League.


  3. FireDannyAinge

    You have been the only civil Cleveland fan I have ran across in this series. I was already to root for Cleveland if the Red Sox lost until I was called name after name because I didn’t agree with the Cleveland fans.
    As for Garko’s comments he claims they were meant for NY but he a Cleveland paper printed them in our series and made it seem like Garko said them for us.
    I wish I had kept the article.

    I think I’ll start the drinking thing this time.lol Thanks for the comments to both of you.

  4. cuzoogle

    I find the Red Sox interesting as a team. They have characters and drama and it makes it like a show that is on each night. For that reason I hope they win.

    Love the blog name as well

  5. FireDannyAinge

    Thanks Cuzoogle.
    I guess I still am a Celtic fan it is just Danny Ainge has made the most unlikable team EVER over the last 4 years and 3 days that I want him gone. Once he is gone I will be happy.

  6. There are some great Cleveland sports fans out there. We’re just not as loud as the obnoxious ones. I hope you don’t judge us too harshly by the vocal minority. We’ve suffered a long time since our last title, and sometimes the impatience seems to cause some fans to lose sight of what makes sports so fun in the first place.

    Anyway, I would think any competitor would want the team that beat them in the playoffs to end up winning the whole thing. That way, you can say at least you lost to the best. It was a close and entertaining series, but I have no doubt you guys were the better team. The loss still stings, and I hope we can improve and be back to challenge you guys in another great series next season. Best of luck to the Sox, I’ll be watching your blog during the series to get your insights. Great job with the site.


  7. presleylives

    well, if you believe a higher being had a plan in this, then you’d better watch out, cuz you know Colorado is God’s team, right?

    just check this out: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/nl/rockies/2006-05-30-rockies-cover_x.htm

    I do think their week off will hurt them too much tho. Sox in 6.

  8. Congratulations and good luck to your Sox in the ‘Series.

  9. FireDannyAinge

    Not so much a plan. IMO the whole selling the shirts before the series was over jinxed them. That being said we get credit for coming back.

    Thanks Troy even though I am pretty sure you don’t mean it.lol

  10. Lol FDA, I mean the congratulations and I do mean the good luck.

    Now if I said, “I hope the Sox demolish the Rockies,” then you know I’d be lying.

    But hey, I’m a realist and I just can’t see the Sox losing this series; just no way. They’re far superior to the Rockies. I have a feeling that Francis is going to get busted in the mouth tonight; guy hasn’t pitched in 14-15 days or so!

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