Bill Mueller

We won and forced a game 7. Everyone knows what happened. Even Gagne got into the game and pitched a 1-2-3
9th inning but the best part of the night for me was seeing the one and only Bill Mueller. I just loved him and always will. People remember the Dave Roberts steal but no one remember the Bill Mueller hit. I remember you Bill.

Bill Mueller article



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3 responses to “Bill Mueller

  1. FireDannyAinge

    Turned out no Dave Roberts but Millar did it.

    OMG this game is going to kill me.

  2. makingpoetry

    I adored Bill Mueller! He was a Steady-Freddy hitter and a fan-tas-tic third baseman who threw himself on balls as if they were grenades and he was saving a platoon. I was ticked when he was traded and felt a bit unfaithful for falling madly in love with Lowell during his first doubles streak last season. Call me a baseball slut.

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