Cleveland Indian fans racist.? and why doesn’t the media care.?

Here is a blog about two female Red Sox fans that went to see the Sox play at Jacobs field. They were harassed. Swore at and had to listen to countless racist Cleveland fans hurl racist comments at Matsuzaka calling him Rice-K. My question for that is.? Why hasn’t the media reported any of this.?

If this had happened in Boston the media would be pouncing on it. We would be called every name in the book and the media would be writing about it for years to come but it didn’t happen in Boston. It happened in Cleveland Ohio and not a single media person knows about it.? I find that hard to believe.



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One response to “Cleveland Indian fans racist.? and why doesn’t the media care.?

  1. makingpoetry

    Some people also think all that war paint and drum-banging stuff is racist, but Cleveland fans keep on doing that; so it’s no big surprise that harassing Asian women is unremarkable there. Ugly, yes, but not surprising!


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