Beckett saves the day

Kevin Youkilis finally hit when we needed it. (his stats before did not represent what he had done at the plate) and Josh Beckett was A-W-S-O-M-E. What else is there to say.?

If the Red Sox come back and win this thing M.V.P won’t even have to be discussed. The answer is Josh Beckett.


: Kenny Lofton dropping that bat is apparently not something knew. He did this to Josh back in 1995 . He has also done this before to try and throw off a pitcher. Oh how very ex-Yankee of him.

: It is time for Coco to hit. He hasn’t been the only one not hitting but he needs to wake up or be replaced and this is coming from someone whose favorite player right now is Coco.

: Curt Schilling has a chance to redeem himself. This is the biggest game he has played in this year. Even bigger then game 2 where he kept us in the game but should have done a lot better job. He has a chance to redeem himself on Saturday. If we get to game 7 Matsuzaka also has that chance.

: The umpires in this series suck. We won tonight and I am still bitching about them. I need to look up who the group is because I have never seen a group of umpires more inept at a job in my life.

: Read a blog about Indians fans throwing bottles at Red Sox fans. Look I get how annoying it is to see other teams fans at your park but hurling racist comments and throwing bottles at people is just wrong. A lot of swearing went on too but according to the blog these were adults.?

:Bruins won their home opener:)

: I hate to break it to all the Indians fans whining about Manny Ramirez admiring his homerun in a game we were losing but Manny came from YOUR organization. He learned it from YOU. Don’t start talking BS about Boston. He did this back in 95 when he played for the CLEVELAND INDIANS.

: Also on Manny and his comments about there always being next year. YES he sounded like an idiot saying them but IMO the media blew everything out of proportion. I am the first one on Manny’s case in situations like this. (The whole “I want to have fun” doesn’t wash with me. I hate my job. I don’t have fun at it. I go to get my pay check) but the whole set of comments is not always shown when the media brings this up and that is wrong.



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8 responses to “Beckett saves the day

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  2. For the record, I enjoy watching Manny play. He is one the best players in the game. But, what I don’t like to see is someone make a respectable organization look like chumps. Say all you want about Manny getting his antics from Cleveland, but they started way before that. It would just be nice to see Manny use his skills and close his mouth at times. I think his Boston fans and teammates would appreciate it.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you any more about Coco. He has that Terry Glenn circa 2001 “I know I’m gone as soon as season is over and I want to be anywhere but here” now look in his eyes. Francona backers have pointed to 2004 when he refused to pull Damon and was rewarded with game seven ALCS heroics and Bellhorn who hit the deciding homer in game 1 of the WS, but those two players had a season long track record of offensive success. Crisp, Lugo and JD have severely underperformed ALL YEAR. With a sinkerballer on the mound saturday, give Jacoby a chance at legging out some infield hits.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    Thanks for the comments but the Indians blogs I have been reading have been blaming the city of Boston and team for the way Manny acts and as far as I am concerned the blame doesn’t start here.

    Couldn’t agree more and thanks for the comments.

  5. FireDannyAinge

    Also actually Manny hasn’t said a word all season long until the playoffs. NO interviews at all.

  6. First off, I never called you any names. Secondly, please edit your comments before posting them on my blog. I really hate bad grammar. As far as Manny goes, I cannot speak for all of Cleveland. If others are supposedly blaming Boston for Manny’s actions, then I do not agree. Manny gets to choose what he does or doesn’t do. But, many people, Bostonians for that matter, agree with me that Manny is out of line…. a lot. Just play the game. There is no need for extra gestures and comments. I think his bad says enough, it would be best for him to just keep his mouth shut.

    Wade Boggs, MLB HOFer- Boggs hopes the Red Sox team pulled Manny aside and explained how he was wrong for what he said. It shows other guys in Boston care more than Manny does. Fans deserve players earning their money on the field and trying to win every day.

    Boston’s own are criticizing him:

  7. FireDannyAinge

    FACT is Manny started being Manny because your organization let him get away with it. Now you can insult me all you like (it seems to be the only thing anyone in Cleveland can do is call people names) but it doesn’t change the facts.
    Wade Boggs doesn’t matter to me and his opinion matters less as for my grammar too bad. Don’t insult my team putting their names in the tag and I never would have found your site.
    I have been nothing but respectful to you it was you that started the name calling and implied insults so as far as I am concerned you are the one with issues.

  8. FireDannyAinge

    Manny isn’t the one calling Dice-K Rice-K and throwing bottles at peoples heads. That would be your fans.

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