Too bad we could not have pitched Beckett every game because that is the only way we are ever winning. Oh and don’t think for a second I am blaming a single pitcher on this team for the losses because I am not.

Eric Gagne, Javier Lopez and young Jonathon Lester  blowing game 2 lost us the game in theory but Terry Francona putting them on the roster (Tavares should have been on this roster instead of Gagne)and in the game in that situation in the first place is what actually lost us the game. I called it a few nights before when we used Delcarmen, Timlin, Okajima and Papelbon and Manny walked off with a home run in the 9th. (of the ALDS) IMO that could have easily back fired if Manny didn’t hit that home run and I called that innings before the ALDS game.

If We had to go to the tenth guess who would have been left in the bull pen.? The same guys that couldn’t handle the 6-6 tie and  blew  game 2 of the ALCS.

Lester aside I never want to see Gagne or Lopez pitch again. Lester hasn’t pitched in a month. He was never going to do well in that situation and it was unfair of Francona to put him in that situation)

Sorry I don’t even know if this makes sense I am so angry right now I probably should not be writing a blog.

I can blame Tito all I want for losing these games but in the end the guys on the field have to take the blame for losing.

Kevin Youkilis has been horrible. Don’t let his stats confuse you. When we have had guys on base and needed the runs to win or go ahead in the game Yooooouseless has not done a damn thing. He was the guy that left the Jacoby Ellsbury in game 2 of the ALCS stranded on third base. Tonight he hits a home run when we are losing by seven.

Dustin Pedroia, Coco Crisp, Julio Lugo, JD Drew and Jason Varitek have done nothing. Tek hits a two run homer when we are losing by 4. The rest have done nothing at all.

I hate to pick on Papi, Manny and Mike Lowell but they haven’t done anything to help us in Cleveland either. Single home runs when you are losing by 7 don’t really matter.

I have been saying all season long that this team does not have the hitting to win a World Series. That thought abandoned me completely when we won the division but I remembered it tonight.

Here it goes.

It is time for Tim Wakefield to retire. I love you for 2004 Curt Schilling but so long. I no longer believe you should be paid 13 million to be brought back to Boston. Maybe 5 million for a 4th starter. Dice-K gets another year to get used to MLB, Beckett gets to stay.

We should re-sign Julian Tavares for a few million a year.Keep Okajima but rest him more in the season. Let Timlin retire pitching the way he has pitched so far in the post season but IMO he is not a guy I would pay millions for. Keep Delcarmen even with tonighst mistakes.

I am going to bed. Enough babbeling. I am letting my heart do the talking. Tomorrow I might use my mind. haha You wish, and to end this blog the way it started….




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2 responses to “Sigh

  1. Well, two pitiful appearances, two emotional blogs. Adds up.

    I didn’t like what I saw of the Sox tonight or perhaps, they simply do not have the drive or the heart that the Tribe does— they WANT this. You could see it in the faces in the dugout. Both sides tonight, who was hungry and who wasn’t.

    By the way, the bit about golf last night was funny.

    Here’s hoping the Sox come out to play on Thursday, can be the team we know them to be, and maybe Francona will straighten up and make better decisions in Game 4.

    I have my own thoughts on pitching but you’ve said enough and no reason to add fuel to fire tonight.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Thanks. I feel better tonight:) and am all ready to give Schilling another chance. See what a win does to put you in a forgiving mood:)

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