Good Night

Someone needs to tell Kevin Youkilis that baseball is not golf. Swinging at the pitch while it rolls across the plate is not something a MAJOR LEAGUER should be doing.

Sorry but a lack of effort is something I just can’t or won’t watch. Even if this team somehow came back and won do you have faith that they can win this thing.? I don’t.

This team is just not fun. Winning makes it fun but even the 2003 team that lost looked like they cared.

Believe me I see the umpires taking our patient hitters out of the game by calling balls strikes for the Indians but in the end as bad as the umpiring has been in ALL 3 games it just can’t be an excuse when your second guy up is swinging at golf balls.

Back in 2003 I didn’t like Tim Wakefield. In fact I am still not a big fan (I remember his closing days where he was just unwatchable) but I had enough respect for his effort to cry when he looked so sad after Boone’s homerun. That was a man that cared and it devastated him when he threw the pitch that lost THE game for us. Can you see Dustin Pedroia or Kevin Youkilis being that upset after a loss.? I can’t.


:This was my 100th blog and it sucked. Sigh

: Indians fans are cocky as ever. I have been so civil in my blogs against the Indians but maybe I should start acting like the Indians “fans” blogs that all of a sudden keep popping up now. Did you know the series is over.? Sigh again

: I need


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