Red Sox last night, Bruins win again and Patriots shut up TO

Hopefully the Patriots game will be over before I finish this blog so I can comment on their game. I am from Boston, we don’t make comments until the game is

I will start with the Boston Bruins that once again won last night. In a game they would have lost if it was last year they scored the winning goal with only a minute plus remaining in the game. They don’t have any big named stars on their team but with a 7 game road trip to the West coast to START the season (who’s idea was that anyway.?) IMO they have been playing pretty well. Read all about it at


I almost don’t even want to talk about last night. Schilling took the blame for the loss and for putting the bull pen into the situation it was in last night but I knew he would. He always does. I am not sure what else was said because I went to bed after the Indians scored 7 runs.

Trot Nixon, sigh. I know I should hate him. Last night I said I did hate him but I don’t. He was one of my favorite players for so long that it hurt when we didn’t want him. I felt bad for him because he wanted to stay in Boston. He even waited until the last possible minute to sign with another team when there was that rumored trouble with the contract of JD Drew because of his past injury. He wanted to stay here but Theo didn’t want him. They wanted to over pay JD Drew so Trot did what he had too and he went and played for someone else. As long as he doesn’t gloat I don’t think I could ever hate him. As it stands right now I am not thrilled with him though.

Francona is to blame for the loss. He mis-managed the bull pen and it cost us. I knew the second Ortiz, Manny and Lowell were out in the 10th that the game was over. You can’t even blame them at all because if it wasn’t for them the game would have been over long before that. Kevin Youkilis however should be shamed of himself for not getting a hit with Jacoby on third. You would think being a ML player something could have come out of that inning. Everyone else I know went to bed when Gagne was warming up. We knew it was over then.

It is time to take Gagne off the post season roster and put on either Julian or Brian Corey.


Patriots win. TO goes home with his foot in his mouth and tonight’s late night night sports shows have something to talk about instead of the Red Sox.

P.S.- BUD SELIG, GO HOME. You were the reason we lost last night. You jinx:)


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