I hate you Trot Nixon

 You ruined my night. Ok I don’t hate Trot, well I hate him right now but I won’t hate him forever. I however HATE Terry Francona, have called him out before in this blog and right now this loss is on him.

He did this once before and got lucky but he used our pitchers too early and in turn only had freaking Gagne and Lopez to use. It should have been Lester, Lester, Lester AND Lester in long relief and Tavares should be on this roster INSTEAD OF GAGNE.

Lester should have been given more opportunities to pitch. He has been resting forever right now and to put him in in this situation sucks. He was doomed from the start.

Oh great, more runs.


Eric Gagne is pitching in the 11th

I am going to bed. Ok I am not going to bed. I WANT to go to bed so badly I can taste it but I am up writing this instead.

Call this the crazy rantings of an obsessed Red Sox fan about to cry like a baby or scream and throw something

Oh lets make this more fun and bring up Trot Nixon. GUESS WHAT TROT, You are not getting cheered in this situation. lol





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3 responses to “I hate you Trot Nixon

  1. I KNEW Gagne would blow this game. I told my wife…well, I yelled out loud with my wife in the room…that if they bring in Gagne he will lose the game for them and now how do I feel about being right? Pretty effing tired since the game went like 37 hours. I like Gagne and I feel bad for the guy since he used to be so dominant & now after that surgery he is just mediocre but after game 1 we all knew he would do this to us.

  2. Liza

    Ugh! I don’t think it was all Tito’s fault, but some blame definitely rests on him. It was a combination of a sucky performance by Schill, so that he was taken out before he’d even pitched five full innings, and using up our stellar relievers (Okie and Paps both were INCREDIBLE, especially Pap, who hasn’t pitched six outs in one game all season) before we needed them. Gagne imploded, as we knew he would, and poor Lopez couldn’t slide it past the Indians, and then Lester had nothing to work with. It was pretty bad.

    Can’t we just have good ol’ Tavarez instead of this loser with an ERA of 11.57 in his last two appearances?

  3. FireDannyAinge

    Thanks for the comments from both of you. EVERYONE I know went to bed when they put Gagne in the game except stupid me.

    They better leave Gagne at home for the world series IF we get there and add Tavares.

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