Bill Simmons the moron

I once read a blog that said we should not write bad articles about what an idiot Bill Simmons is. Been there, done that. I guess I just don’t listen very

Here is Bill defending Lebron James for wearing a Yankee hat. Calling him brave and saying it is nice that he stuck with his favorite team. “Lebron is a true fan” he says.

GIVE ME A BREAK SIMMONS.? Did you not read the articles where Lebron admitted to being a front runner.? Did you not hear about how he taunted the Indians fans and told them they “just had to deal with it” . Did you not hear about how he took the Yankee hat off after the wheels fell off and left the park early.?This is not a case of a “real fan” supporting his team. This is the case of a punk athlete being a selfish punk.

Lebron is not a real fan. He is an admitted front runner. You would think Bill Simmons would do some actual research before he writes garbage like this. You would think ESPN would make him before printing this in their magazine.

I also read another blog that said Lebron was booed at a pre-season basketball game for the Cavs. Serves him right.

Bill Simmons is WRONG AGAIN



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3 responses to “Bill Simmons the moron

  1. I think we all know that BS is truly the exception that proves the rule that over-the-top fans of one area/team should not be taken too seriously; nor should they be in the open-ended section of a large-readership newspaper, television show or website. The sole reason is that they alienate the fans of every other team, in general. Well, as an admitted fan of Bill’s writing, but not his sportitics, I have to agree with you. BS has now swallowed too much of the media’s vast helpings of complements on him and now seems to think that he can just write about rooting for his team to the point that the rest of us will just laugh along many moons after he has long since stopped being funny and merely become annoying. To end this, let’s get BS back to writing something other than his initials would suggest, what say?

    LeBron’s just a kid. Who cares what he does with his Yankees fandom? That’s where most Yankees fans stand, that I have known.

    My last blog post was about this, strangely enough. That is weird.

  2. LOL!

    Maybe he’s trying to stay on the good side of Cleveland Cavaliers fans, coming up with a mediocre explanation, after hugging Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs during the NBA Finals, while being recurring saying how Bruce Bowen was locking down LeBron James.

    Of course, he was obviously unable to inculcate Cleveland fans to scoot over and look at things from a different perspective by it, but let me ask a question — is it possible to come up with a lamer excuse than what Simmons fabricated?

  3. FireDannyAinge

    Thanks for the comments. I don’t think it would go over well in NY if Stephan Marbury sat in the front row of a Yankee playoffs game wearing a Red Sox hat. Lebron also taunted the fans then left after the Yankees gave up runs. He pretty much proved the whole “front runner” theme of his well known fandoms of teams that win.
    IMO it was just wrong of him to do this to a town that treats him like a King.

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