Indians win. See you on Friday Tribe

Thank you for taking care of the evil empIre. I don’t think I could sit through another ALCS against them even though IMO we could have beaten them.

Trot is coming home.

Random thoughts.

Jeter was the first guy to leave the dug out and go back to the locker room when the game ended. Great teammate he is.

Jason Giambi was the only Yankee to go over and pat Wang on the shoulder after he left the game. Way to support your teammates Yankees.

A-Rod lived up to his post season past and did nothing. Him hitting a homerun when it didn’t matter is CLASSIC A-Fraud. Anyone else see him going to the Cubs next year and helping them win the World series on what would be the Cubs 100th year without a world series.?

Congrats to the Indians. If you beat the Red Sox I hope you win the World Series. (as long as we get in no dugout clearing I am not fond of a lot of your fans but it has been a long time since you won a World Series and the thought of Colorado winning one after being in existence for like 14 years isn’t fair. The Diamondbacks won in 2001.

Bye Yankees!!!!:) Oh and Johnny Damon, Way to fight for Joe Torre’s job LMAO.



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5 responses to “Indians win. See you on Friday Tribe

  1. FDA,
    A few comments…

    1. loved the youtube slide show you posted. sentimental and sappy and perfect.

    2. The Sox Tribe series this summer was filled with lots of action and I’m looking forward to seeing this series.

    3. I can’t agree with you more— If the Tribe beats the Red sox I hope they do win the WS. They are a great team and I’m happy to see them get this far. It’s fun to watch Kenny Lofton back with the Tribe and I’m a fan of Grady Sizemore. I’m looking forward to a long career for that kid.

    4. Mostly, I’m just tickled pink knowing the Tribe took down the Yankees.. poor Yanks. hahahahaha.


  2. FireDannyAinge

    Then I think we agree on about everything so

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Where exactly was the Tribe last night? I mean for the luv of all things holy, that was… well, not even that much fun. Sure, the fourth and fifth produced moments I was filled with excitement but immediately following, I sat back and thought… this isn’t much fun. Where’s the competition… where is the Tribe we tussled with this summer?

    Sigh. I’m hoping for a more interactive game tonight cuz that was a let down last night. Of course I want the Sox to win— but I wanted to see a series, not a wipeout.


  4. FireDannyAinge

    They are showing up tonight. I like last night

  5. Really? No…
    This is FUN. Good game.
    Loved the play by Cleveland at second to end the 5th. Good stuff.

    Watching the RedSox 5th was just awesome…. this is October baseball!!!

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